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The Best Manufacturer Guide Specifications

The better your guide spec, the more likely it will hold and result in a sale.   SpecGuy creates custom guide specifications that accurately specify your product in a professional format that goes beyond industry standards; they help your architect and engineer clients coordinate their drawings and submittal reviews.  They help hold your specifications.


Why Guide Specifications?

• Target your marketing objectives

• Comply with industry standard formats and best practices

• Help A/Es with our editing and drawing coordination notes

• Accurately represent LEED requirements

• Reduce poor quality substitutions

• Increase end sales

We can also provide U.S. Federal SpecsIntact and VA conversions for your guide specs.

See a sample SpecGuy custom guide spec section .

Have you coordinated your product data sheets with your guide specifications?

Want our opinion on your guide specifications? Send one to us, and we'll review it for you.

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Add Knowledgeable Representatives

Few people are born specifiers.  Our training workshops and follow-up support help your representatives help architects and engineers.

Need help with specs?  We offer peer reviews and other custom writing services.

SpecGuy recommends ARCOM's SpecAgent information portal and Product MasterSpec for many of our manufacturer clients.

SpecGuy is an MasterSpec Strategic Alliance Partner and an authorized MasterSpec trainer.